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A Tribute to Rick Parfitt
New Album coming soon!


From almost year one, MV has been a huge Status Quo fan after attending his first live concert in a big arena in 1979 at Halle Münsterland, where dumbstruck and starstruck he witnessed the mighty Quo on their 'If You Can´t Stand the Heat' tour.

Rick Parfitt stepped into the Spotlight and fired his intro riff of 'Caroline' into the crowd.

MV was suddenly infected with his hard hitting, take no prisoners rhythm.

Filled with an irrepressible desire to embrace all that is Quo he greedily snapped up all their albums and became an ardent soldier in the Quo Army fanclub as well.

Furthermore, Quo gave this impressionable 14 year old the great inspiration to follow in their footsteps by learning to sing play and compose.

Many years later he found himself with the skill to render Parfitt's great contribution to rock music in this tribute to his first all-time hero.

He has carefully chosen ten songs that Parfitt sang and wrote and now proudly presents them in this glorious rock tribute.

He hopes that the spirit and soul of Rick's great legacy will live on through his labours and that the mood of these cuts are still pumpin, sweaty, heavy and riff driven with loads of harmony vocals on them.

What was really important for MV was to collaborate with companions that shared the music and stage with Rick.

So he was reaching out for a helping hand from friends that worked with Rick:

First mentioning his long longtime tour manager and co-writer of many super hits with Bob Young on harmonica on the uptempo rocker 'Coming and Going'.

Original founding  member of the Frantic Four 'John Coghlan' is featured on drums reviving 'Living on an Island'.

Moreover the actual Bass Player 'Rhino Edwards' takes part in three tracks and brings the boogie pricelessly back and original player Andy Bown brings back his Hammond sound on "Oh What a Night!".

On Rick´s last and only solo album (Over and Out) Alex Toff (A-ha, Bonnie Tyler) laid down all drums. His fine expertise can be heard on this album of 9 scorching rock tracks.

Rick‘s soul mate and co-writer and ex-Savoy Brown singer 'Jackie Lynton' can be enjoyed on 'Again and Again'.

Finally the guest appearance of Rick´s son Rick Parfitt Jnr duetting with MV on 'Something ´Bout You Baby I Like' rounds off the tribute album in an unique and dignified way.

More additional guests who complete the team are on the bass Ed Poole (ex-Sam Brown, ex-Romeos Daughter), Mat Sinner (Primal Fear), Gregory Harper (Zendemic, The Soul Convicts), Marc Lynn (Gotthard), Uwe Köhler (ex-Bonfire, Switchblade Romance) and on the keys Jens Skwirblies (ex-Lake, Barclay James Harvest) and Holggy Begg (ex-Herman Rarebell, Lakota Sun).Even Tony Thorpe former guitarist from the glam rockers 'The Rubettes' has conjured up a guitar solo on 'Reason for Living' and added his drummer John Richardson in his luggage to sing some backing vocals as well as Eva von der Forst. Uwe Schneider (Teens), Andy Susemihl (ex-U.D.O) and Joerg Sander (Udo Lindenberg) adding some smoking leadguitars.Last but not least Jan David on Percussion and Dieter Michel on brass.What a motley crew!


As if that weren‘t enough, the songs have been enobled and mastered by the Grammy nominated 'Christoph Stickel' at CS Mastering Studios in Vienna.


German metal-and hard rock vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer, Michael Voss, has signed a record deal with Massacre Records!

In his 40-years-long career, Voss has been active in bands such as Casanova, MSG, Heavysaurus, Wolfpakk, Lessmann/Voss among many more, as well as renowned music producer especially in numerous projects by Michael Schenker. Voss is currently gearing up for the release of his forthcoming solo-album, an hommage to STATUS QUO icon Rick Parfitt celebrating his 75th anniversary.

I am so delighted to announce that we have been approached by Germany's supreme record label Massacre Records who wish to make a world-wide release with our tribute album dedicated to the immortal Rick Parfitt.“ Voss comments.

"Both Thomas Hertler, label manager of Massacre and the prominent booking agent Nikolas Krofta are conjointly throwing all their enthusiasm and expertise behind the project which I consider my most outstanding project up to now and a milestone in my musical career as an artist and producer.

Hearty thanks to them both and the entire stellar cast of fantastic musicians, friends and colleagues for your undying faith and belief in me and my coveted project. And may the world get to hear and savour the timeless treasure of Parfitt's legacy over and over again.

Friends, stay tuned for more detailed information coming your way shortly.“

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[from left to right: Thomas Hertler (Massacre Records), Eva von der Forst (Management), Nikolas Krofta (Booking), Michael Voss]